Winners contest 'When the world rings in 2019'

Winners contest 'When the world rings in 2019'

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Festivities from all over the world were submitted for the contest 'When the world rings in 2019'
Images from how the end of the year plays out over the globe as the clock strikes midnight.
TIME will be streaming the celebrations, which include party's, fireworks and more iconic events.

Enjoy the gallery of the 10 best images.

The winners with the most votes are: 
1st place:   Xavier Garci
2nd place:  Bjorn Emanuelson
3rd place:  David D

Thanks to everybody who participated to the contest 'When the world rings in 2019'.

"Cats and dogs"  is the currently theme running.
Cats and dogs don't usually get along, though some do. Dogs are wolf related animals. They are both a "Man's Best Friend," and playful. Although there are some differences between them, both are the perfect subject for many photographers around the world. Candid shots or elaborated ones, both animals can show expressions that captivate the eyes of the viewer right away. And yes, results will depend of the imagination of the photographer. What do you think about submitting and sharing with us your best cats and dogs from your point of view.

The contest 'Cats and dogs' end at midnight on Sunday the 6th of January 2019.  The sooner you upload your images, the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here

1st place: Xavier Garci


2nd place: Bjorn Emanuelson


3rd place: David D



by Udo Dittmann


by Adolfo Urrutia


Ryu Shin-Woo


Laurent Lothare Dambreville


by pierre bacus


by Richard Bland


by MIchel Romaggi


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