Protest photography: capturing the emotions in dissent

Protest photography: capturing the emotions in dissent

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by Editor Marius Cinteză

"Photography cannot change the world but it can show the world, especially when it changes" 
~Marc Riboud~

As a highly democratic expression of the popular opinion, the protests has always represented a specific feature of the human society dynamics and a form of people’ statement when facing either injustice or inequality. Whether is corruption, human rights, working conditions, the environment or minority rights, the people choose to object and manifest their disapproval and civil disobedience.


by Brice Le Gall

The protests are special moments for documentary photographers, but not only. However, photographing protests is mostly a challenging, intriguing and also an overwhelming activity. Protests are usually collective events involving a lot of people and their emotions and a lot of actions happening simultaneously. For the photographers witnessing such emotionally-resonant moments, capturing the pure feelings and identifying the moments of impact can be demanding. But the results are frequently rewarding.

As the old saying goes, pictures conveys more than thousands of words. Therefore, I invite you to view below a selection of some of the most significant protest moments captured by 1x photographers!


„The revolutionary Man“ by Luis Sarmento


by Remo Rufer


„Boston Rally stand off“ by Miki Joven


„montreal die in“ by Kreddible Trout


„Protest/ Riot?“ by Miki Joven


"God is with us“ by Sorin Vidis


„Riot“ by Nedelcho Hazarbasanov


„We will not retreat“ by Sayed Baqer Alkamel


„Hout Bay protests“ by Giovanni Casini


„New wings for Romania“ by Sorin Vidis


„Berlin.  Mild anarchism.“ by Saber Adavi


„Confrontation“ by Victor Buzu


„Stand off“ by Miki Joven


„Fight Back“ by Gunarto Song


„Protest“ by lichtspielhaus


„riot...“ by hendra s. Marcusi


„protest song“ by Mihaela Gradinaru


„Demonstration: 1“ by Andre du Plessis FRPS


„I'm watching you“ by Marius Cinteză


[ doom ]“ by Riccardo Romano


„Divided v2“ by Miki Joven


„street photographer“ by Fulvio Pellegrini


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Have soul & be authentic

Have soul & be authentic

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