Canon says 'first set' of EOS R5 units shipped out this week, quieting rumors over delays

Canon says 'first set' of EOS R5 units shipped out this week, quieting rumors over delays

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Over the past few days, there have been numerous reports Canon is delaying shipments of its EOS R5 camera and that retailers weren’t receiving shipments as expected. While Canon Japan did mention there could be delays due to demand earlier this month, these reports suggested several retailers in the UK and throughout Europe weren’t receiving as many cameras as they had expected.

Until today, only Canon Australia had issued a statement on the matter to Newsshooter, saying the ‘speculations are untrue.’ Now, Canon U.S.A. has issued its first statement on the matter, confirming EOS R5 units were shipped from its warehouses this week and on the way to photographers.

In the statement, shared with DPReview through a Canon spokesperson, Canon U.S.A. writes:

‘Orders of the EOS R5 are scheduled to be delivered as initially stated at launch. The first set of cameras shipped from our warehouses this week. We eagerly await the content that will be produced by talented creatives using this camera to be shared with the world.’

Canon U.S.A. specifically mentions the ‘first set of cameras,’ but doesn’t specify the status of the second installment (according to a few of the rumors, it’s the second installment that could be delayed). So, while the status of future shipments remains unknown, it does help to know the first units are going out to photographers.

We have contacted Canon U.S.A. in hopes of receiving further confirmation of future shipments and potential delays involved with its EOS R5 and EOS R6 camera systems. We will update the article accordingly if we receive a response.