Fujifilm releases firmware updates for X and GFX-series cameras

Fujifilm releases firmware updates for X and GFX-series cameras

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Fujifilm has released firmware updates for some of its X and GFX-series cameras, including the newly released X100VI.

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The updates include bug fixes rather than new features, and fixes differ depending on which model you use. Here’s what to expect in Fujfilm’s latest batch of firmware updates.

Fujifilm X100VI

Fujifilm’s most talked about camera receives its first firmware update in the form of v1.01. This update fixes an issue for users who are unable to connect to the Fujifilm XApp via a WiFi connection.

Fujifilm X-S10

Users had previously complained that images were not transferring to their SD card when using their smartphone as a shutter release via the Fujifilm XApp. Fujifilm states firmware v3.11 fixes the issue.

Fujifilm X-T30 II

Fujifilm says little about the changes made in v2.04, only stating “other minor bugs have been fixed.”

Fujifilm X-T3/X-T4

The latest firmware versions fix a bug that caused the exposure of the preview image to differ from the recorded image when shooting in manual mode with the XF50mm F1.0 R WR. The updates also fix the same data transfer issue found with X-S10.

Fujifilm GFX S50 II

Fujifilm’s medium-format camera receives just one fix in its latest update. Firmware v2.11 fixes a known issue with the flicker reduction functionality, where flicker was occurring in “certain environments,” even after activating flicker reduction.

Fujifilm XApp

In some counties, users reported time synchronization discrepancies between Fujifilm’s cameras and the XApp. In North America, this seemed to impact users in Canada. Although Fujifilm states the update should resolve the bug, it did note that Area Settings will not update automatically in some regions, so users will need to update this manually via their camera settings after installing the update.

Updating your firmware

The easiest method to update is via Fujifilm's XApp. The app can be found in Apple's App Store for iOS users and in Google Play Store for Android users. When you open the app, if you've connected your camera to it previously, it should alert you that a new firmware update is available and ask if you want to download it. From there, follow the directions in the app.

If you prefer to skip the app, you can download the relevant update and put it on your SD card. Then, hold the DISP/BACK button when turning on your camera and you'll be prompted to allow the update to process. Press “OK” and select “Body,” and then select the .DAT file to begin updating the firmware.

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