7 WordPress Setup Tips

7 WordPress Setup Tips

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WordPress is an immensely powerful blogging and website platform. There are, however, some important steps to carry out as soon as possible and some elementary mistakes to avoid once WordPress has been installed. This is by no means a complete guide but it includes a number of useful tips to help make your WordPress site as effective as possible.

1. Permalink Structure

A common critique of WordPress is that its default URL structure for posts is quite weak, with each post being given a page ID such as “”. This can give a bad impression if it is linked to from another site as it doesn’t give a good idea of what a user can expect to find and in some situations could look spammy.

To remedy this in the WordPress dashboard go to Settings, then Permalinks and you will find the default settings. Change this to Post Name – the second to last option on the page and you will achieve a much cleaner and more user friendly URL.

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