Update: Wall Gallery Designer  (Photography)

Update: Wall Gallery Designer (Photography)


Wall Gallery Designer 5.4.11

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $24.99, Version: 5.3.1 -> 5.4.11 (iTunes)


Your photo library likely contains thousands of photos. Buried inside are photographic gems that are as worthy of hanging in your home or office as any art you might buy. But creating a wall gallery of your best photos takes thought and time to get right. Gallery design is an art. 

"Wall Gallery Designer" simplifies gallery design by framing and hanging pictures on the walls of your own rooms using augmented reality. Drag and drop photos directly from the Photos app. Freeze reality to design without holding your device up. Share photos from your Photos or Lightroom® Library to the app. With a few taps, quickly change frame sizes, colors, and mats or rearrange pictures. Even choose float, canvas and frameless styles.

Millions of mat and frame combinations are stocked in stores. Choosing sizes and colors in bad lighting in a store, instead of on-the-wall where the framed picture will hang, often fails because frames clash with room decor.

Create with confidence a gallery that works with your room decor. When you explore possibilities with “Wall Gallery Designer” in augmented reality, you are more likely to choose an excellent print size, mat, and frame with less hassle, saving you time, money and stress.

Can you answer these questions?
• How big should my photos be printed for display on my wall?
• What mat color is best for my framed photos and the colors of my room?
• Would narrow or wide frame faces look better with my furniture?
• Where should I hang the framed pictures?
• Should the colors in my photos be adjusted to work better with my decor?
• How should I arrange my art on the wall?
• Frameless, canvas, metal or wood framing?
• How do I organize my ideas for walls and galleries then share them with others?
• How do I record and save designs?

With "Wall Gallery Designer" and augmented reality, you answer these questions and more to make art displays for walls, galleries, homes, businesses, and outdoor art shows.

Each arrangement is a multi-wall scene within a gallery. Instantly switch scenes in a gallery to compare different designs for the walls. Create separate galleries for different clients or locations.

You choose the colors and sizes of the mats and frames from common ones similar to those stocked in stores in the US or custom colors. You may even pick up colors from the room or picture to use on frames, mats, and walls. Analyzing the picture, the app even suggests mat colors.

Virtually "hang" pictures without mats and/or frames to visualize how float, frameless, canvas or glass pictures might display on your wall in standard or custom size windows. When you are considering art already in a custom frame, add its photo to your camera roll, then choose it for a frame that has a frame face size of 'none'.

The special features in "Wall Gallery Designer" include:
• Frozen Reality™
• Frozen Viewpoints™
• Color Triage™
• Color recommendations for mats based on the colors in framed pictures
• Work quickly: 
1. Changes apply to all selected framed pictures 
2. Related changes such as frame, mat and overmat colors, can be seen and changed with a single tap
• Persistent Scenes and Galleries
• Exporting archived Galleries and Scenes
• Double matting
• Float framing and clip frames
• 4- and 8-ply mats
• Fast single tap color and framing changes with MultiMenu controls
• Custom mat, frame and wall colors, and sizes
• Frame and mat colors can be picked from room furnishings
• Leveling lines
• Many walls in a scene
• Add custom frame profile patterns
• and more...

"Wall Gallery Designer" is an augmented reality app for iPhone 6s and newer as well as iPads that use the A9 processor or newer. Using your phone's camera, it takes photos from your Photo Library and frames them in virtual picture frames on walls that you color, mat, and position.

Visit for tips and video intros and more.

What's New

• Adds profile menu items photographed face..., repeating pattern... and colorable pattern.... Each brings up a submenu containing new profile styles.
• Photographed face... contains old brown wood and ornate dark wood face profiles.
• Colorable pattern... contains column bump and ornate white wood profiles.
• Repeating pattern... contains rose medallion and white bump profiles.
• On app startup, menu controls are hidden until the floor is found and augmented reality is initialized.
• The floor now pulses when the L-shaped floor-wall join finder must be placed above it.
• Color recommendations for frames based on the scene background are highlighted with green.
• IMPORTANT: Now you can create your own frame face profiles by adding a photographed frame face, repeating pattern or colorable pattern from Photos, Lightroom or similarly capable apps via the share sheet.

Wall Gallery Designer


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