Price Drop: Match Colours  (Photography)

Price Drop: Match Colours (Photography)


Match Colours 2.12

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $4.99 -> Free, Version: 2.12 (iTunes)


Apply Colors with image tables:

Save the table image, modify it in any program or app that you like, for example applying color presets or adjustments. And then open it on the app and apply to images and videos! 100% color matching.

Match Colors:

This unique app performs colors transfer from an image/video to an image/video.
A featured very much wanted by professional colorists and color grading enthusiasts.

First, you select the video or image that you want to colorize and then the image or video with the colors. Then, an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm will find the best way to transfer the colors from the image to the clip, based on millions of precalculated models.

Two methods of colors transferring are available using these models.

The methods are extremely efficient and faster enough to be applied in real-time.
Videos are saved with the best possible quality (depending on your device model)

Simple adjustments are also available e.g. HSL, Hue, Contrast.

What's New

Fixes a problem with video in Direct Match

Match Colours