Price Drop: Pic Navi  (Photography)

Price Drop: Pic Navi (Photography)


Pic Navi 3.1.7

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $99.99 -> Free, Version: 3.1.7 (iTunes)


Pic Navi is an easy-to-use photo location viewer and editor.

What Pic Navi can do:
Opening a map to navigate back to photo location.*
Copying the GPS coordinate of the photo.
Adding / Modifying / Deleting the photo's location.*
Modifying the photo's timestamp.*
Showing the timestamp in the photo's location (Timezone support)
Showing / Inscribing the timestamp inside the photo.*

To see the map, tap the compass icon. To modify GPS, long-press the icon.
To change the appearance of the timestamp, tap the timestamp. To modify it, long-press it.

*Free Trial version includes navigation functions for (7) days and ability to edit up to (5) different images. After the trial expires, you will be asked to upgrade.

What's New

You can now swtich map type to Satellite and Hybrid.

Pic Navi