New: Wide Conversion Lens 3D  (Photography)

New: Wide Conversion Lens 3D (Photography)


Wide Conversion Lens 3D 1.0.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: $1.99, Version: 1.0.2 (iTunes)


● It is a unique camera that can take 3D pictures with super wide-angle effect in real time.
● Equipped with the fastest method for 3D photography. Excellent UI design with just one touch on the camera screen.
● This is an epoch-making system that creates parallax between the image when touching down to the screen and the image when touching up.
(Touchdown-> Move the camera a little sideways-> Touchup-> End shooting)
● Supports anaglyphs. Anyone can see 3D photos with red-blue glasses.
● In addition, it also supports autostereoscopic viewing. You can see either the parallel method or the cross method.
● If you set the shooting mode to normal, you can also create a normal photo with a super wide-angle effect.

[About anaglyphs]
- For those with strong strabismus, use red and blue glasses to view in anaglyph mode.
- You can easily make your own red and blue glasses with cellophane sold at 100-yen shops.
- Those who can see stereoscopically with the naked eye can also enjoy stereoscopic viewing by turning off the anaglyph mode.

[About autostereoscopic vision]
By viewing the image for the left eye and the image for the right eye with the naked eye, you can see the flat image while feeling it three-dimensionally.
There are two types of autostereoscopic viewing: the parallel method (the image on the left is viewed with the left eye and the image on the right is viewed with the right eye) and the cross method (the image on the left is viewed with the right eye and the image on the right is viewed with the left eye).
You can easily find out how to practice the parallel method and the dating method by searching the Web.
It is said that stereoscopic vision improves the skill of focusing with both eyes and helps restore eyesight.
It is thought to promote the adjustment movement of the eye muscles and visual field, thereby activating the brain.

- Stereoscopic image layout: [Normal] / [Anaglyph] / [L] [R] / [R] [L]
- Depth setting of super wide-angle effect
- Image aspect ratio setting
- Saved resolution: 20-100% of the original resolution

- Save to camera roll: 3D photo
- 3D photo sharing: AirDrop, LINE, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, ...

What's New

Fixed a crash on the iPad when switching to the front camera.

Wide Conversion Lens 3D