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Growing old is not for sissies

Growing old is not for sissies

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by Editor Lourens Durand 

'the time' by omaralnahi

“Getting old is not for sissies” 
 A quote attributed to Bette Davis, one of the world’s greatest film actresses, as she approached old age.

If we are blessed not to be trapped in a war-torn area, or are not an unfortunate victim of a major calamity,  we are generally expected to live longer than our parents, mainly because of the discovery of new medicines, training to produce better health care professionals and the emergence of the recognition of healthy dietary and exercise choices.

'Anatomy Lesson II' by Derek Galon


'In Good Care' by Agus Nonot Supriyanto



'Red Apple' by Aida Ianeva


by Tatiana Skorokhot

Nevertheless, longevity comes with a host of downsides, which we all know about and which I will not dwell upon.  Despite these downsides we are still able to grow old gracefully by considering sensible practices and by doing early financial planning to ease the pain of aging.


by Koki Jovanovic


'Grief and faith' by Enzo Penna


'alone' by Usef Bagheri


'old age' by kadir tezel

On the physical side, moderate exercise such as walking, swimming and light gym activities keep both the mind and body in shape.


'Walking in the memories' by Hamidreza Sh



'The rhythm of life' by Antonio Grambone



'light & illusion' by :o:darteF pristov



'Day at the Gym' by Petri Damstén

On the less physical side we need to learn to manage the loss of facilities and to face disappointments, making sure that we don’t feel like every day is the last day of our life – because it is not.

Taking up a new hobby can help to slow down the loss of brain fitness, as well as improving self-esteem and motor skills.

Participating in group activities with fellow elders can be very therapeutic, as can music, and interaction with grandchildren or pets. Don’t discount the value of religious activities. On the mental side, doing crosswords and Sudoku puzzles help to stimulate the brain.


'Proud to present' by Marc Apers


'Play that accordion, boss!' by Marius Tudor



'Passing 99' by Sander van der Veen



'grandmother' by Piet Flour



'Tow' by Rui Caria



'ACCOMPANY' by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

On an even brighter side, we are fortunate in that we get pensioners’ discount at restaurants and shops! As a bonus, in most cultures, old age commands a huge amount of respect. People come to you for advice, and you can influence them with your knowledge, experience and wisdom.

'Wisdom' by Nicolas Zwarg



'Missing Woodstock...' by José Rocha

A convenient way to being able do all of these things is to book a place in a retirement village, where old folk in the same boat are encouraged to participate in social events and interest groups, and where there is a frail care facility.

But then, Bette Davis sums it all up in her own way:
“At the end of the day, though, there comes a time in every woman’s (and man’s?) life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.”

'Champagne' by Tama Balogh



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